Happiness is….

20 May

So I thought Charlie Brown (or Linus) said that happiness was a fuzzy blanket and a baked potato or something. My mom said she thought it was a warm puppy.

Happiness is a warm puppy? Really? Sounds kinda creepy, like a warm puppy with a side of fava beans or whatever.

Turns out it was happiness is a warm blanket so we were both right! Even though I think a fuzzy blanket is a lot better than a warm blanket. The blanket could be warm but be all scratchy and then will you be happy? I think no.

I know this is a mostly cooking blog (at least that was the idea at first) but I’m on this 10 grams of fat diet or at least attempting to do that and baking hasn’t really fit into that lately so I’m doing something that has no calories and is guilt free.

So my mother says happiness is relative, which is true. I guarantee most of the examples I’m about to roll out most people will not think qualifies as being “happiness” but they’re happiness for me and you gotta do what makes you happy right? Otherwise, what are you doing?

Happiness is…

…a $4 bouquet of flowers from the local farmers market. Carnations are one of the most underrated flowers. I know it’s hard to see in the picture, but the lighter color are a light green and lavander blend. How pretty is that! I was gonna say try and get a rose to do that, but check this out…

Awesome, no?

….is finding out Zappos has a free app on the iphone and when you add something to your favorites, a little orange cat pops up to grab it.

I kid you not.

….is seeing Duckie doing his Otis Redding impersonation. Who could not love that?

….is finding Gregory Peck stamps at the Post Office.

…a cute orange kitty.

…drinking Mike’s Hard Pomegrante Martini out of a fancy glass because it would be feel less like a 19 year old girl if I drank it out of the bottle.


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