My life is full of disappointments…

2 Jun

SO! My dear friend Naomi sent me this link to this other awesome (but not more awesome than mine) blog where the blogger hosts a tea party once a year. I was so excited to participate in that, because hello, seriously guys, I live in like an Alice in Wonderland apartment. I have an abnormally large door in my bedroom, an Alice in Wonderland clock and I was the Mad Hatter for Halloween one year and I drink tea like nobody’s business.

I was gonna be all over that.

But when I went today to read the rules, you have to have the party on a certain date. June 25th. My friend Melissa is getting hitched that day.

Bummer, right? Not that I’d rather have a silly tea party with the cat as opposed to witness one of my best friends getting married but I am rather p-oed that the tea party has to be on that date.

So I decided that I will have a tea party again at some point but I just wanted to let you guys know how disappointed I was that this lady is being a tea party rule Nazi. It just sums up the week I’ve been having.

Glad my first week of my new promotion is over even though a certain person is giving me a rash of crap over it.

Rash of crap? Is that right? Wrath of crap? Am I getting warmer?

And I’m also pretty sure I have a brain tumor. I’ve been swapping parts of words with other words and not in like a clever alliteration way.

And mother, I don’t get crushes anymore. I get crashes.

Hey click here if you want to see about the other tea party that will not even come close to mine in amazingness.

Mad Tea Party 2011 Blog Button


One Response to “My life is full of disappointments…”

  1. Naomi June 2, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    AWWW! When you have a tea party it will be agazillionmajillionity times better cupcake! SCREW THAT NAZI!

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