Super Sexy Strawberries

20 Jun

So I am very, very, very, EXTREMELY irritated right now. I have been trying to do a blog for you guys on some stuff I made last week and it won’t load my flippin pictures. It keeps saying “IO Error.” I don’t even know what that means, nor do I want to take the time to find out. It just needs to load my pictures and not give me any shit. Jeez.

Anyways. What’s new with you guys?

I had some much needed retail therapy last week in MoTown with Naomi. I took her to two stores she had never been to: World Market and Trader Joe’s.

World Market is the most ridonculous store ever. I could spend hours upon hours in there buying like crazy. I think it’s all the bright, shiny objects that’s like drawing a moth to a flame.

Another thing that’s causing me a bit of anxiety is that when I decided to waste $8000 last fall in grad school and completely rethink my existence as a human being, I also was the happy recipent of a graduate fellowship.¬†Unfortunately since I left the program, financial aid made me repay half of my award. I recently got an email from the professor I was set up with asking me if I can still help them with the project I was assigned to.

I couldn’t really think of a good enough reason to say no and I didn’t really want to burn that bridge just in case I decide to sell my soul again, so I said yes I’d help.

Help being reading 8 manuscripts and evaluating each of them. Manuscripts which range from 5 to 23 pages long.

One tantalizing title is: “Engaging Islands of Unbridled Curiousty: Using Service Learning to Motivate Creative Applications of Theoretical Understanding.”

I literally want to shoot myself in the eye with my Nerf shotgun.

See, this is why I couldn’t handle grad school. No one wants to read a paper comparing Sex and the City to Jane Eyre because that is not “serious” work. Just looking at these papers made me SO happy I left grad school and so excited that I’d rather open a bakery then torture myself again.

I feel like this blog is taking a dark and ominious tone, so lemme tell you about what I baked.

I baked an upside down strawberry cake and strawberry banana bread. The cake was super easy to make. You coat the pan with melted butter and brown sugar and make a layer of strawberries. The batter calls for cardamom, but I used cinnamon instead. The batter is interesting because it has sour cream in it, so it was super thick and made the batter have a slightly undercooked texture. But I left the cake on the table in the breakroom and it was gone twenty minutes later.

The strawberry banana bread is prettysimiliar to any banana bread except for the fact it is made with browned butter. Remember browned butter? Where you melt the butter and cook it down and it crackles and gets all brown and nutty and amazing?

Yeah, that stuff.

Anyways it has browned butter and yogurt in it. Let me tell you about my experience with buying yogurt for this bread. I shop at Grocery Outlet so you don’t really know what to expect each time you go in there because it always has diferent things. So when I went to get yogurt, all they had was vanilla flavored Activia.

I was petrified.

I didn’t want to make bread with that yogurt and then eat the bread and have it turn into some crazy laxative bread that….wait…I’m about to get graphic. Needless to say, I bought the yogurt and everything’s ok. So don’t hesitate if that’s all you have.


Ok now the pictures load?!?!?! GAHHHHHHHH



This picture is amazing.

Oh yeah, check out Naomi’s blog.

Recipes can be found at Joy the Baker. I’m feeling lazy.


One Response to “Super Sexy Strawberries”

  1. Naomi June 20, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    Hi cupcake! That looks so tasty. You know what I was thinking? I wonder if we could make an upside down mandarine orange cake. I love mandarine oranges!

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