Ruffled Amazingness

8 Jul

I’m pretty sure this cake is too sexy for its shirt.

I’m also pretty sure this cake is also a lady. Likes to be taken out for a nice dinner, maybe a couple drinks, we’ll see how the night goes.

So I discovered this cake on Sweetapolita. I have a new baking crush on Rosie, the lady who runs the site. The cakes she makes a freaking insane and she looks like a model and her husband is super hot and she has adorable little babies and I hate her so much. The worst part is that she has an amazing writing style! Read her. She rocks.

Anyways I saw her ruffled cake which can be found here and I was like ohmagod I have to try that cake because it looks ridiculous and girly and everything that I love. She has a link to a video on YouTube on her page and the girl who did it made it look really easy. And you know when things look easy, that means they are not easy.

I used her chocolate cake recipe which can be found on the page for the rich and ruffled cake and I’m so glad I did. It was super moist and light and incredibly easy. But unfortunately, tragedy did occur…

One cake round turned out perfect. You could not ask for a better cake round. However…

About fifteen minutes into the cooking process, I was like “something smells burning.” And sure enough, one of the cakes had like exploded out of the side and was dripping all over my oven. This also caused the round to be lopsided, which I did not notice until I had assembled the cake. Oh well. Trial and error.

The frosting that Rosie says she likes to use for this recipe is Swiss Meringue Buttercream, but it kinda sounds like a diva frosting. In order to have enough for this recipe, you need to whip up 15 egg whites. Hells no. And the frosting doesn’t really like to be frozen. Sounds like a lot of hooping jumping, especially when this cake was made purely to practice technique. Just choose your favorite buttercream recipe and basically times it by 4. You need to have about 15ish cups of frosting in order to do this properly. I know it’s crazy. I had a little left over so I popped i in the freezer.

What you do is you get a petal tip and you hold the pastry bag straight up and down next to the cake. Parallel I guess. You have the small end of the tip facing towards you and you just do a zig zag motion back and forth up the side of the cake. Make sure you do a crumb coating first so the ruffles have something to adhere to. I kept having to pop my cake in the freezer since it’s so hot it was getting a little melty.

Messy kitchen!

I had to make more frosting, which is why the top is pinker than the sides.




2 Responses to “Ruffled Amazingness”

  1. Naomi July 9, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Seriously this was amazing and the cold icing from freezing overnight was ….awesome.

  2. gingeryaps July 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    Really pretty cake and yummy too! Good job!

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