I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack

28 Aug

Well I’m sorry it’s been floppity jillion years since I’ve done a blog but a LOT has happened!!

1. I moved. To a way better place. I can actually hear my own thoughts and don’t have to be subject to roaring engines and people’s bad taste in music while I’m trying to sleep. And it has a bathtub. And it’s $165 cheaper a month. And…the best part…

Awesome huge kitchen. It has a skylight so it makes it super bright and cheery. I love it.

2. My dear friend Naomi moved back to Virginia. But never fear, Crumb. will still carry on!

I’ve still been baking….

This cake tasted amazing. It was a three layer vanilla cake with a layer of marshmallow filling and raspberry filling. It, however, did not like the heat and the freaking raspberry frosting on the outside kept sliding down. When I poured the ganache on the top, it decided to drag down the entire sides of the cake with it. No bueno. But myself and my cousins fixed it as best as we could and it turned out alright.

Chocolate espresso cake with a chocolate cinammon glaze. Yum.

Lemon cake with a lemon glaze.

Strawberry rhubarb pie…

Mixed berry pie…


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